Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Songs to Avoid

You know, there are some Christmas songs I just can't abide. Hopefully, that doesn't make me a Scrooge, but you know there are a few that you turn off as quickly as they come on the radio.  Here are my top 3 Christmas songs to avoid:

3. "Do you Hear What I Hear?"  I'm with the song until we get to the part where "a child, a child..shivers in the cold...let us bring him silver and gold..."  How about a blanket?  Not only does the tune irritate me, but the lyrics--both the repetition of them and the stupidity of that line in particular make me cringe.

2. "The Christmas Shoes" Good heavens, this song is depressing.  The only reason it's not number one is that I'll at least give them a little credit for the redemption of the narrator of the song.  Still, grungy boy buying shoes for his dying mama on Christmas Eve?  That makes the middle part of It's a Wonderful Life look cheerful.

1.  "Same Old Lang Syne" Please explain to me the popularity of this song.  Let's run into an old lover who's NOT married happily and have a six pack of beer in a parking lot on Christmas Eve. Ugh. Way to bring down my Christmas cheer, Dan Fogelberg.  Pandora, don't you even think about throwing that one in with all of my Big Band/New Orleans Christmas music!

So, what about you?  Any songs you'd like to ban?  Oh, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for my faves.


  1. I'm listening to Sirius Radio Channel 4. The oldies holiday music. But I'm about tired of Blue Christmas, What are you Doing New Years Eve and Liberace reading "A Visit from St Nick/Twas the Night Before Christmas."

  2. Gotcha. I get tired of 98.5's continuously secular songs. There are only so many times per day I can go through Sleigh Ride, Jingle Bell Rock, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town--that's why I'd recommend switching over to Pandora where you can dislike that which you can no longer stand.

  3. I thought I posted earlier, so forgive if this is a repeat. Little Drummer Boy. I know everyone loves the Bowie Crosby version, but that kid needed to be quiet. Didn't he know that Mary and Joseph were on the lamb from Herod? I always thought the drumming was unnecessary.

  4. We agree on Number one, but only Number One. The Christmas Song is among my favorites, right up there with O Holy Night.

  5. @Nicki, that one hits close to home doesn't it? The last thing you need is to have some punk with a drum wake up a newborn.

    @Walt, The Christmas SHOES--I like The Christmas Song, especially the Nat King Cole version.