Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And She Turned into Her Mother...

Anybody else see the skit where Julia Sweeney is getting ready to go out and starts lapsing into her mother?  I was hoping to be ultra cool and put a video of the skit here, but it's not on YouTube.  I'm going to stop and let that sink in for a moment.  Yep, I'm so old I'm referencing a 1992 SNL skit that is NOT on You Tube.

Anyhoo, the episode includes Sweeney lapsing into a voice reminiscent of "Pat" about needing "a nice pant suit."  Her husband looks at her askance, and they play the dramatic music followed by, "And she turned into her mother..."

Earlier this week, I was trying to psyche myself up to clean the house.  I actually changed into workout clothes and stopped to put on my tennis shoes.  I paused at the foot of the bed and muttered to myself, "And she turned into her mother!"

Oh well, if I had to turn into someone else, I think I would pick her. 


  1. I hate it when that happens!!!! Seriously, I have had that happen more times than not lately and my husband is NOT letting me live it down...grrr....

    I just can't figure out when she all of a sudden knew what she was talking about. I'm sire it just happened recently because there is no way she was right last year...



  2. Shame this SNL is not on the internet. What's your favourite band? R.E.M. *g*