Monday, July 11, 2011

I Came. I Saw. I Waxed.

All women of child-bearing age know that nothing good ever comes of being led to a small room with a paper-covered tabled and being told, “Strip from the waist down.”

Okay, so that’s no entirely true, but I have to say that waxing is not for the faint of heart.  Instead, it’s about weighing your options: a) using a razor and/or cream and having horrible razor burn for 2-3 days only to have to repeat the process in less than 5, or b) experiencing several flashes of debilitating pain for just under 30 minutes with only 1 day of razor burn and at least 2 weeks of not having to shave the bikini area. I got about a week on the underarms and legs—that’s it. (Of course, there’s always option c: go hairy and dare someone to make something of it. I have seriously considered this option on more than one occasion)

But you wanted to know more of the gritty details, didn’t you?

I went Brazilian Wax by Andreia, the location just off Roswell Road by the Harry’s. They are lovely ladies, and it was all very professional. You can get a whole body wax for $65 or so. That doesn’t mean they dip you in wax, rather that you can wax as much as you’d like. I passed on the upper lip since I had more pressing concerns.

Would I do it again? I can’t afford to go once a month, which is what she recommended for maintenance. That said, I would absolutely consider another visit before a long trip that would require swim suits. Thirty minutes of pain far outweighs the hassle of having to shave or the subsequent razor burn. Surprisingly, only a few curse words were involved, although I did call for help from a higher power more than once.

A few things I wish I’d known:
  • You are expected to leave a tip. Duh. I did leave a tip, but I hadn't budgeted for it.
  • When she suggests the back of the legs, you should probably go for that.
  • And this one's really important:  a Brazilian is the whole enchilada. You can instruct your aesthetician to do something a little different, but if you ask for a Brazilian, you need you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I lived to tell the tale—anyone swayed to give it a try?


  1. Hilarious!!!! I'm glad you did it and had the nerve to blog about it. I had planned a post for PF&HT way back then chickened out.

    I haven't been back for another one but I might IF i ever go someplace I would need one...grin...


  2. See, that's the thing. I wouldn't go just for the heck of it, but if I go on another week long trip with lots of bathing suit opportunities, I'll do it. I hate shaving with a passion few have ever known.

  3. Um, no. But thanks for undergoing the torture & telling me all about it.
    I'll just stick with my lady razor. It was funny enough to tell myHero what that commercial with the landscaping was really all about.

  4. I went in for a Brazilian last week, due to the fact that I got an awesome Groupon for it. I ended up getting my legs and underarms done while I was there. I had no pain aside from some very sensitive parts of the Brazilian. If it was always Groupon price, I'd gladly go once a month for maintenance, but at $35 a pop, it's debatable. I must say though, having a Brazilian done professionally with hard wax was way better than having a college pal do it with strip wax in her dorm room. Strip wax is no good for lady parts.

  5. No, Pamela? Are you going to introduce Your Hero to manscaping next?

  6. Girl, I can't afford maintenance either, and I would NOT say it was pain free. I don't think they used hard wax, though, and my limited research suggested that was best. Of course, it also was more expensive--send that Groupon my way next time...