Monday, August 30, 2010

Maternal Karma

So, I've done a bad, bad thing.  I told my four-year-old daughter that people who don't eat breakfast are more likely to be overweight than those who do.  Sure, I was telling her the truth, but I didn't feel too hot about introducing the subject of weight to a preschooler.  That said, I was desperate because she refuses to eat breakfast before going to preschool, and I feel for her teachers and classmates if she gets hungry.  I swear she was a suffragette who mastered the concept of hunger strikes back in the day.  Besides, it worked!  She ate her breakfast.

Once again it's Monday.  Once again Her Majesty doesn't want to eat her breakfast.  Once again I remind her of the importance of eating breakfast and, finally, mention the threat of obesity.  She looks me in the eye and says, "But you ate breakfast, and you're fat.  I'm not."

You can't argue with kid logic like that because, ladies and gentlemen, it's maternal karma.


  1. Oh no she didn't! Stinker.

    My son is eight and he's obsessed with fatness and fitness. I swear we never said a word about fatness but have pushed the physical fitness aspect.
    He works out daily.

    Now he's determined to eat salads. He's been talking himself into this for about two weeks and has eaten bites out of his servings.

    Meanwhile I had two, no three, American cheese topped biscuit halves for breakfast yesteray ...

  2. This is why I never mention weight with my 5 year old. Its always "healthy" eating wh strong muscles, etc. Mommy could lose 10lbs or so, a by-product of her obviously, and I never want it thrown back in my face.

  3. @Robin, at least your 8 year old is trying salad--mine has regressed in that area since El Pollo Loco left us.

    @Lori, this is an excellent idea. We'll have to talk healthy eating with muscles, but not do yoga together yet. That didn't work out so well...

  4. Ha ha that would never work with my kids either, for a different reason. They tell me I'm fat the whole time as a compliment. They're skinny, bony, fussy eaters (like I used to be) who stick out their stomachs infront of the mirror (seriously).

  5. @Janette Oh, yes, she did. It was rather matter of fact, so I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it as an insult. And I'm not sure that makes me feel better.

    @Becky Good luck with the skinny people. Mine both like to show off their ribs, too.