Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Moment of Truth

So most of my moment of truth information can be found over at the Healthy Writer, but I wanted to keep this slot for anyone who wants to join me. (Please? I'm getting lonely.)

This week: -0.5 for a total of -0.5


  1. Please, please keep doing your Friday moments of truth here! I vow to participate. So far, nothing lost this week. But I did 2 1/2 miles today (which is a great starting point) and haven't snacked. If I can survive the awful 3:30-5 vortex of munchies, maybe I'll having something good to report next week...

    1. Woo-hoo! 2.5 miles. That's not just a good starting point; that's an excellent starting point. (Ha-ha. Semicolon in my comment.) As to avoiding the snacks, methinks we just need to get you the right kind of snacks.

      Thanks for not leaving me lonely. *sniff*

  2. Nothing good to report yet. Have to get past this wedding then it is GAME ON! Next Friday, you will get to keep me honest. :)

    1. That's right. We've got to get you past the wedding. : )

  3. Hi Sally!

    Thanks for the much needed prompt on twitter to get back to weekly reporting! I will not weigh in again until Monday and will hope for a better result now that I feel like I am "me" again. After the holidays I fell into a bad pattern (I blame/rationalize it was a reborn sugar addition...darn christmas goodies and work stress). Basically I threw myself a pity party and stopped being the new me for bit. It was a good thing ultimately because I realized how easy it is to fall back into old patterns.

    Not exactly sure why this week I was ready to get back at it but I am and that's what I care about. I take that back. I know what it was. I was able to do a complete reboot/mind reset during my vacation where I worked out every day, walked a ton, got some much needed warmth and sunshine and was able to reflect rather than react.

    I am feeling better mentally, emotionally and spriitually and physically kicking butt! I went to the gym 6 days this week, I am on point with my 5k training plan and I am amazed how much stronger I am feeling only a week into it.

    I had to take a side trip to the PT due to new pain in my hip area and instead of being categorized with a hip injury my PT said I have a runner condition (WOOT!) and that we can fix it easy. His assessment of my running was great. I am mechnically strong just need to strenghten some muscles that are not used as much when running or on the eliptical. He said I need to start thinking of myself as an athlete because I am one. He can see a big difference since treating me for my ankle issues for over a year. :)

    I am feeling great in spite of the 10 pound holiday pity party weight gain. I am still down 79.2 pounds since 13 months ago and I am making forward progress again. YAY! Still trying to figure out how many calories I need now that I am working out an hour + a day but I know I will find the right balance. I also know I am going to have to start looking more at other meansurements as I am building muscle and know that could make the weight number not look as great as I may like even though I am physically changing again.

    Thanks again for prompting this and for setting up a place with more than 140 characters to chat! :)

    ~Cindy K-W

    PS I signed up for the 10 miler at ToT this week too! My PT says I will be able to do it no problem by September and says it's okay to be thinking about the half for Wine and Dine. :)

    1. Cindy, I'm so proud of you! You're an athlete. With a running injury. : ) I want to do the ToT, but hubs is thinking the Wine and Dine Half might be a better fit into the kids' schedule. I think the official half in January is almost sold out, so I'm thinking he and I need to discuss that one asap!

      Congratulations about getting back in there and making good choices. I swear this battle is all about getting right back on the pony when you fall off--and doing so much quicker than I ever have in the past.

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm really hoping more folks will see this as a good place to hang where we have enough characters to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Catch you next Friday!