Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Moment of Truth

Oh, a : ( face for me. I gained a pound this week. I gained a pound despite my long run, two short runs, and tracking everything I ate and going over only twice. Grr. The end result is +0.5/-1.5. Here's what I've been up to

  • 6 miles on Sunday
  • short runs on Tuesday and Thursday
  • bought kettle bells--will probably break those out this afternoon
  • got fancy schmancy pedometer up and running
  • lost 0.5 inches on my thighs and .25 inches around my neck--measured twice because I didn't lose inches anywhere else--even gained 0.5 on my hips which probably means the first set of measurements weren't accurate
  • tracked what I ate every day and had my 8 glasses of water every day
I think I need better supplements. Anyone know the best place to get reasonable multivitamins, etc? I don't want anything "designed" to make me lose weight--I think that's part of my problem this go around: LA Weight Loss and the folks at Court South had some kind of mild diet pill stuff mixed in with the vitamins they suggested. It's all about slow and steady, which is good because it's definitely SLOW at this point.

What about you? Got some good news to cheer me up?


  1. Just finished my first kettle bell workout. I'm pretty sure walking may not be an option tomorrow...

  2. Um...this week was particularly stressful. On many levels. I wasn't brave enough to check the scale today because I'm teetering on that edge where One More Thing might be the straw that results in the nervous breakdown. Did not work out this morning but did some meditative breathing and positive visualization and have promised myself that next week will be Better.

    1. I have a new kettle bell workout--we could possibly work out together--only you'd need a kettle bell, too. I'm not sure this is the best DVD, though. I'll let you know when I work out the kinks. I'm telling myself that next week will be better, too.

  3. Well, nothing like a trip to the Old Navy dressing room to reaffirm what I already knew. Still don't look good in cute clothes. :)
    Didn't start exercising yet, but really thinking about doing Jillian, so I can have some birthday cake
    Have cut out cake, cookies, bread and ice cream. Still allowing myself some chocolate - can't give it all up. Now to cut the coffee, which we already talked about.
    I was down about four pounds, but now I think it is more like two. Oh well.

    1. Keep on Keepin' on. I think you and I both had a similar problem this week. You know, the kind that makes you want even more chocolate than the average week...

  4. Sorry it took all weekend for me to turn on the computer and check in. It was a horrible week eating wise. I did workout four days, and did all three days of my running program. I came within 2 minutes of meeting the maximum time for the Everest Challenge and since that is still 9 weeks away I at least feel good about that.

    I did have an a ha moment that will hopefully get me back on track tomorrow. I have not decided if I am going to weigh in tomorrow or not. I might let myself feel successful in my food choices and working out this week first rather than face the music. It will be a morning decision before I head out the door to the gym.

    I miss our little group on twitter and have not been staying in touch with the group on facebook. I may need to do that too but I am very thankful that you've set up this space for me to at least check in here, and that you remind me to do so...personnally or as a group.

    Thanks Sally!

    1. Cindy, it was a great idea you had last year, so I wanted to continue it. Knowing I have to check in makes me more cognizant of my choices, I think. And you're absolutely right about taking a moment to focus on the positive things. I've told myself I'm going to keep this up for a year no matter what. It's the stubbornness that sometimes makes the difference.