Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oops! How about a Saturday Moment of Truth?

Yesterday I was right back up to 154. I took measurements. Alas, they did not indicate any progress. So I'm still sitting at +0.5/-2. Yep. Gonna have to stop eating. I know, you know it, the American people know it. That doesn't mean I want to go on the strict diet. *sigh*

Anybody doing better? Anybody? Bueller?


  1. I had a good news, bad news kind of week. I hit an all time high (net regain) on Monday but by Friday was down almost eight pounds. (phew) Want to get down 12 by Everest Challenge to be back to my most lost (90+) which is just about 10 pounds in six weeks do I'm very hopeful. Food is back on track. Training was going great. My PT has put me on a three day rest and no long run this weekend due to possible tendinitis in my achilli

  2. Achilles tendon. Also directed me to get a full body massage. Just got home and plot was amazing!!!! Love my PR at the moment but missing my run and worried about calories with no workout. Get reevaluated Monday and get to try to workout. Not excited that the massage may leave me feeling sore but if it gets me running again i'm okay

  3. Way to hang in there! You're week sounds a lot like mine. I was up 4 pounds at one point this week. And I've had to curtail my running due to injury. And I'm worried about calories.

    It's your personal trainer that put you on rest, right? I'm thinking about looking into a physical therapist and/or a podiatrist for all the crazy things my knees and feet keep doing. When it comes to running, the mind is willing, the flesh is weak.

    1. My physical therapist put me in rest status. He is amazing. Knows me well. Is a runner. Gets it and gets me. It's like having a running coach and do far he has been able to resolve issues quickly. Who knew an elliptical could actually be bad? Or at least injuring in my case.