Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Moment of Truth

You know, I suppose I should put some other things on my blog. Alas, I haven't had any brilliant moments of insight recently. Nor have I danced around a pole or bought new underwear. Anyhoo, here's the Friday update: I want to punch something. Same spot as last Friday, BUT I actually saw two pounds lighter on Tuesday!!!! Then I had macaroni and cheese at the church dinner on Wednesday. We all know that mac & cheese is a gateway food for me. End result? I want to punch something. I've been skirting under my calorie goal the past few days, but I didn't get to exercise yesterday because I overdid it on Sunday and hurt my knee then overdid it on Wednesday and hurt the top of my foot. And, oh hey, I'm soliciting advice on the best ice packs for both of those injuries. Here are the deets:

  • On Sunday, I ran 7 miles at a 13 minute mile pace. This was not smart.
  • Short run on Tuesday
  • Kettlebells on Monday and Wednesday--again, not smart. I made my knees worse and probably hurt the top of my foot compensating for the sore knees despite my best efforts to keep my form proper.
  • Logged my food every dadgum day and was only over once or twice
  • My measuring tape is cowering somewhere, so I have no idea what the measurements are.
  • Ha! Wrote at least 1000 words Monday through Thursday
  • Let's not talk about the state of the house or how I just sent my oldest to school in shorts because he's officially out of pants. And so am I.
That's all she wrote! May your week have been more successful than mine. May the scale be kinder to all us next week.

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