Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Front Porch Prophet, or This Week's Reason My House Isn't Clean

I've noticed an interesting trend:  every time I get close to getting the house under control, a book grabs my interest to the point that I sit, read, and ignore the filth.  Therefore, I will start a new award for the book of the week that distracts me the best.

Last week, the "offending" book was The Front Porch Prophet by Raymond Atkins.  I took a class with Ray while getting my masters and greatly enjoyed the novel he was workshoping:  Camp Redemption.  It came as no surprise that The Front Porch Prophet was just as enjoyable if not more so.  So here's the premise:  A.J. Longstreet struggles to take care of his childhood friend, Eugene Purdue, after Eugene reveals he is dying of pancreatic cancer.  I know this premise does not sound funny, but I promise you I laughed out loud more times than you can count.  In the great southern tradition, The Front Porch Prophet finds humor and poignancy in the vicissitudes of life and the odd assortment of characters that endure them.  Atkins tells the story with all of the wonderfully entertaining digressions one would expect from a Front Porch Prophet, and the story contains several surprises I wouldn't dream of revealing here.  This is southern fiction at its best.

So, ignore the dishes in the sink and laundry on the couch.  I personally give you permission to sit and read The Front Porch Prophet because it will be good for your soul.  I promise, the mess isn't going anywhere

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  1. Sounds like a good book. Will have to find it. Thanks for the recommendation.