Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's moment of truth...and a story!

So today I weigh 154 pounds.  I'm still trying to figure this one out because I had lost a pound as of Friday, a hard fought victory.  Two meals out in Knoxville--one of them a salad--and I'm up 2 pounds?  Grr.  To make matters more embarrassing, you gotta hear what happened yesterday.

Okay, so I have two pair of jeans that mostly fit, and now both of them are tight.  When we got home from the road, I draped the jeans over the side of the hamper and found a pair of pajama pants to wear until it was time to meet the girls for a dinner out.  I had put my driver's license and credit cards in the back pocket, so when I put the jeans back on to go out, I didn't think to get my purse or anything.  Everything was in my back pocket, right?  Wrong.

After supper, I reach back for my credit cards, and I don't have them.  I had to bum money off a friend as well as contemplate a hundred different scenarios of stopping both credit cards and going to the DMV for a new license.  I rushed home and there were the credit cards in the hamper where they had slid out of my pocket when I draped the jeans over the side of the hamper.

And the moral of the story?  If I hadn't allowed my weight to get out of hand, I would not have felt the need to take off my pants and thus would not have been embarrassed in front of a group of new friends.  Even worse?  That was the pair of pants that wouldn't stay up a year and a half ago. *sigh*

Oh, well.  Back to the drawing board with salads and egg white sandwiches.  I started lifting weights again in the gym and put in an extra 10 minutes of cardio while chatting with some of my lady friends who are trying to talk me into Monday morning yoga.  If I can just stay out of the Halloween candy, I think that would be an excellent start!


  1. Hey Girl!!! I can totally relate. I am right at 154 and fluctuate down to 152 (at my good times). I dropped 16/18 pounds since July and am aiming for another 15 (maybe...grin...). I've kind of plateaued though.

    I LOVE the story of the jeans. I currently have on a pair that I've been dying to try on and by golly, I'm in them. I can't eat anything at the moment, but maybe that's the key to this whole weight loss thing...grin...

    I wish you all the best and will be cheering you on in the trenches. Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks, Tami! When I have that pair of jeans on I sing about my muffin top a la Jenna on 30 Rock.

    I don't know anything to do, but keep on keepin' on.