Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Pandora...

How aptly named you are, iphone app that has opened up a can of worms as well as a world of musical possibilities! I confess that I am now addicted to you, especially as I make long car trips. Where else can I build a radio station around James Brown? Where else can I mix K.C. and the Sunshine Band with the Black-Eyed Peas?

That said, there are a few things we must discuss, Pandora. I really don't want Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson's "Beauty and the Beast" mixed in with my Britney Spears. I know she once worked for Disney, but those days are long gone.

Also, when I say that I like a Ludacris song, please don't load me down with rap. Unfortunately, there are tender ears in the backseat who don't need to hear "You're now turned into the m$#@-f%$$#@ greatest." We all need to get a little dirt off our shoulders from time to time, but could you please consider radio edit?

Oh, and when I skip Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," it's not because I don't like her music. It's because I don't want my three-year-old running around saying, "This my s$#@!" (See plea for radio edits above.) You don't have to send me to the Backstreet Boys. Please don't send me to the Backstreet Boys.

And I'm sorry I blew your mind by pairing Sam & Dave with the Jackson 5 and the Beatles. I didn't know that was going to blow your mind. And I sure didn't know that the love child of those three acts was Stevie Wonder.

Finally, I thank you. I thank you for a radio station dedicated to crooners--although you can go light on the Mel Torme. I thank you for my radio station dedicated to Dr. John even if it does make me want to flee to Bourbon Street.

I know our relationship has already had a few ups and downs, but I can't wait to see what you're going to do with movie soundtracks or 50s music. I think this is love, Pandora. I think we're in it for the long haul.


  1. You totally cracked me up Sally! Do you know how hard it is to hold that in with a sleeping teen in the same hotel room with you. YOUR posts should come with a warning label: Warning the following post may elicit involuntary snorts of laughter, hysterical tittering, and other raucous sounds of enjoyment.

  2. I created a wild station using Bill Withers, Rick James and Amy Winehouse. It's my "moving files around" work station. I usually have the volume turned up so loud I'm sure my clients wonder why it always takes me five rings to answer! I accidentally was listening to Lily Allen one day when my daughter came in the studio. We had a nice little talk about the song "F*&^ You" and what it was about!

    Backstreet Boys! Sally, you crack me up!

  3. Debbie, I live to serve. Glad to have cracked you up.

    Michelle, I hadn't thought of that combination. I swear Pandora senses when you ears are near and that's when she decides to break out the obscenities.

  4. That should have been "young ears." And that, ladies and gentleman, is just one example of why I should have taken typing in high school.

  5. I think I'll post a comment on every one of your blogs today!

    We have satellite radio and I thank Disney every day for the (RD Edit) on some of the songs ... my son will be very confused one day when he hears the rest of the lyrics!

  6. It doesn't matter what you do. You should have seen my face when I was 12 and singing along with Foreigner's "Hot Blooded." I hit that line about leaving a key and found a whole new meaning to that song.