Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Motherhood Makes it Better

Last week I wrote about 5 of the killjoys of motherhood. Today I'm going to tackle 5 things that are better with kids:

5. The Zoo. Nothing makes the zoo more fun than having little ones of any age point and smile or even talk to the animals. And, oh, all the pictures you can take!
4. Ice Cream. Going out for ice cream by yourself is fun, but sharing your ice cream with your kids is even better. Especially when the oldest gets a dollop of bright green sherbet on the tip of his nose.
3. Defrosting the freezer and washing the car. Both of these chores become a game with kids. They see the joy in throwing chunks of ice, not the drudgery of moving the freezer. They squeal with delight when you spray them with the hose, not grunt as they bend to scrub the undercarriage.
2. Reading. I still love reading on my own, but there is nothing better than having a little one nestle into your lap or sit beside you with a downy head just under your chin.
1. Christmas. It really is better to give than to receive.

Those are just 5 of the millions of things that kids make better. Have any more you want to offer?


  1. Amen, sister--I couldn't agree more! There's something about seeing Christmas lights through the eyes of a child that seems so magical.

    As mundane as it may sound, I think laundry is made better by my child. He loves to help put clothes in the washer and get them out of the dryer, and he's even able to help sort and fold some of the clothes. He's so cute to watch. Our favorite part is towels--he'll lie on the bed, and I'll take towels straight from the dryer and cover him with them. I dread the day when he's big enough to decide that this little ritual is no longer cool.

  2. Getting ready to take my oldest to a college campus, & I realize...this is almost 'it'.
    I left for college at 17, couldn't wait to be 3hours away and on my own! No more criticisms, no more approvals, no more having curfews or restrictions. I never looked back, but now, thinking of my own flying out of the nest & never looking back, I'm very wistful.
    So, things children make better in my life:
    All things school, sharing movies that I loved & seeing them get why; all things summer, Halloween, road trips, complaining about Meemaw, Pawpaw, & cramped hotel rooms; doctor visits when they still squeeze my hand during booster shots; driving or voting for the first time; getting ready for first dates and dances.
    I think I'll be sniffling all through this senior year...and trying to remember every single moment.

  3. Jennifer, I wish I could learn to love laundry. Still working on that.

    Pamela, it's always great to get your perspective. We just took a road trip with the babies, and I loved every minute of it. Even when they were irritating the snot out of each other. : )